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A freewheeling narrative enacted almost

entirely through movement and music,

Her Magnum Opus is Marta Renzi's ode to creativity and community. A diverse cast weaves in and out of the action like revelers in

A Midsummer Night's Dream. Presiding over the festivities is Aileen Passloff, a grey-haired force of nature playing a version of herself. Among her attendants are a devoted younger friend (dancer Arthur Avilés), a pregnant dancer, a young couple in need of counseling, even a fairy tale prince who pops out of a pile of autumn leaves. A tantalizing mix of magic realism and improvised naturalism, the film unfolds in a bucolic setting-- a beach, a forest, a country house which holds emotional ties for the group as a source of inspiration and solace.  A remarkable feature debut for award-winning choreographer Renzi, for whom dancers have always been people first.

                                    Joanna Ney, Curator of

                     Dance on Camera, presented by

                    the Film Society of Lincoln Center



Welcome to the home page of the feature film Her Magnum Opus, with a poster and description by Joanna Ney, Curator of Dance on Camera at Lincoln Center where Her Magnum Opus was presented in 2018.
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