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5Q's with Marta Renzi on Her Magnum Opus at  Borrego Springs Film Festival, here.

Review from Rome Prisma Awards, January 2022, here

For hugely enthusiastic audience "videonotes" in response to a screening in Cerdanyola, Spain, click here

Kristi Zea talks with Marta Renzi after the Rivertown Film screening of Her Magnum Opus, Video here. 

Profile of Marta Renzi

Picture This Post

A circle of friends gathers to celebrate their mentor and learns that what lasts is those you leave  behind.

...a heart-warming narrative told through dance, music and nature.

                                   Nyack News and Reviews

                                   February 1, 2018

...something magical is just around the corner.


                                   January 18, 2018

... sweet moments and playful movement.

                                   Picture This Post

                                   February 23, 2018

Winter - Peter Groll
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