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Renzi productions are pretty streamlined: the director is also the choreographer is also the caterer is also the PA. But over the course of 8 months, the camera crew on Her Magnum Opus boasted 5 cameras. Just one at a time, except on rare occasions. Here's Ben Harley with his drone.

Photo credit: Robert Vergara

Kneeling in front of the director and close to the actors is Charles Caster-Dudzick who's worked as cinematographer with Renzi since 2010 - on 890 Broadway,  Aqua-booty, Honeymoon,

In search of lost time and Strategic Retreat.

Cari Ann Shim Sham gets the shot, as she did previously with Renzi on Besties.

Kal Toth is a filmmaker, cinematographer and editor who lives near Renzi in Nyack. Opus was their first time working together on set, though he's edited trailers for Renzi for Plow Plant Reap and now Opus.

Photo: Arthur Avilés

Here's a close-up of Jim Desmond getting a close-up -  the only camera operator who also appears on screen. So that makes camera #5 - assuming we don't count Renzi's own cellphone footage gathered during a blizzard. Oh, plus the wonderful still photos - in most cases by Robert Vergara - makes 7.

Sick doll - Tchaikovsky
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